A German/American, coffee addicted, bilingual, and always-on-the-go photographer, who has spent most her life with a camera in her hand.

My story began in Germany, where I grew up in a tiny town called Gerolzhofen. If it wasn't for my mom always telling me to "chase after my dreams", I definitely wouldn't be here pursuing my passion today.

When I was 12 years old, I found myself trading the German life I'd always known, for a new life as a military kid. My mom re-married, and I learned how to speak English! We spent the next few years moving back and fourth between Germany and America!  

At 18 years old, I decided to venture out on my own and move to Michigan to live with my dad and study at Western Michigan University! #GoBroncos

While pursuing my degree in Advertising, I worked a full time job, fell in love, and built my photography business. During my senior year of college in 2019, I decided to quit my job, and took my photography business full time! #thebestdecisionever 

Today, I live in Bridgman, Michigan with my Fiancé, I get to work with the most incredible people and photograph the most beautiful events, continuing to live out this dream.

I'm Raechel!

I hope every time you look back at the photographs I took for you, they evoke the same emotions you felt that day. ❤

photo credit: @thismomentphotographyy

- It means your day and your experience are my priority. I want you to relax, be yourself, have a great time, and get the photos you've always wanted.

- It means providing you with outstanding communication, a solid contract, and transparency.

- It means being available for questions and guiding you along the way when you need it. Things can get overwhelming, but I'm here to help!  

- It means you'll get a passionate, enthusiastic photographer who will continue to grow with the evolving industry, to provide you with the highest quality photos and an experience to match!

- It means you'll have a real-life friend by your side, which makes this so much more fun!

- It means giving you 100%, because our time together is valuable, and I never want you to feel otherwise.

Here's what that means

being your photographer

"I believe in telling stories with my photography that are timeless, personal, and emotional. Whether you love running through a field of flowers, hiking the dunes, or cuddling in the snow, I'll be with you through every season of life, regardless of weather!"

Get to know me

+ a few random facts about my life

Letters to Juliet!

Caramel macchicato

I can break apples in half by hand


mornings all the way!


Let's be friends!

Q: List three things on your bucket list.

Q: How many siblings do you have?

Q: what's your favorite piece of clothing?

Q: What do you like to do during your
 free time?

A: Travel to Hawaii, Convert a vehicle into a live-in van for travel, own my own real estate

A: All right, let's go! I have an older sister and younger brother that I grew up with.  I also have 3 more brothers (2 half + 1 step), and 4 more sisters (2 half, 2 step)


A: I actually really love crafting! I purchased a cricut last year and have been loving making all kinds of random things with it!

+ a few random facts about me

Get to know me

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